Sunday, February 2, 2020

Leadership when it matters most Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Leadership when it matters most - Term Paper Example The example will be used to show how transformational leadership is used in the modern world to bring out the maximum potential of employees by using influence tactics, leader-member exchange, decision-making etc. On the other hand, transformational leadership will be contrasted to transactional leadership to identify its advantages and disadvantages. Lastly, its relevance and usefulness in the globalized world will be discussed. After a thorough examination of literature from a vast variety of sources combined with detailed study of real life leadership example, the advantages of transformational leadership are well established. Undoubtedly, the productivity of workers rises due to encouraging two-way communication, shared decision-making, reduced distance between various hierarchal levels and the like. This in turn allows an organization to adapt to the swift changing globalized market and successfully fulfill its mission and vision in the longer run. Besides escalating productivit y, transformational leadership also brings out the creativity and innovative element in employees. In the ultimate analysis, transformational leadership style can greatly increase the effectiveness of a leader. However, overall, the most effective leader is who can develop external awareness of needed actions and the internal flexibility to adapt quickly any leadership style as appropriate. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze and evaluate a real life leader in the light of various leadership theories and models. Therefore, this paper will present a real life example of production manager acting as a transformational leader. The essay will go on to give a brief account of the influence tactics, decision-making models, contingency factors, ethical considerations as demonstrated by this particular leader. In addition, the strengths and weaknesses of transformational leadership

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