Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Either criticize the position that our minds are immaterial souls or Essay

Either criticize the position that our minds are immaterial souls or that our minds are brains - Essay Example The dual schemes that occur in the world through the mind and the soul create mysteries that may lead to problems that are considered to be worse than the initial. The brain is the bridge that occurs between the soul and the world. The link however seems to lead to more problems in the world. Brains and minds are through the instances that they take brings to the conclusion that brains and minds are not at all different. They are similar as they exist in the same world with similar concepts. Minds are simply what brains do but the brains are not simple as they perform complex functions. This makes the nature of their relationship to be simple. During learning there are changes that occur both in the brain and in the mind. They are both engaged leading to change in memory. To comprehend the relationship that occurs between the mind and brain, there is the need to understand the relationship that occurs between what things are able to do and what things are. Memories of the mind must be considered to remember things that are recorded in the brain. One is able to reason that the two elements, brain and mind perform similar activities without the consideration of the dependence on one another that makes them to seem to function similarly. There are characteristics that bring about the distinction between the mind and the brain. There are controversies that exist between them bringing to the mind-body problem. According to definition, the brain is considered to be the biological and physical material that is located within the skull that does the activities of neuronal and electrochemical procedures. The mind on the other hand is considered to be attributes of mentality which brings about belief and desires. Some follow to metaphysically dualistic methods in which the mind exists self-reliantly of the brain in certain way, such as a soul or epiphenomenon or emergent phenomenon. Other contrasts uphold that the mind is a separate physical phenomenon, with

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